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Natural Nails

At Loma de Vida, we are providing you with natural, healing and hydrating products to leave your feet and hands nourished and revived. Partnered with The Dazzle Dry nail system which is nontoxic (no formaldehyde, DHP, toluene or camphor), vegan, high gloss and no UV lamp needed. Dazzle Dry Polish dries rock hard in 5 minutes.

Loma de Vida Signature Manicure | $65
Japanese Nourishing Manicure | $65
Traditional Manicure | $50
Gentlemen’s Manicure | $50
Polish Change | $25
French Manicure | +$10
Gel Soak Off  | +$20

Loma de Vida Signature Pedicure | $95
Detox Spa Pedicure | $95
Sports Pedicure | $85
Traditional Pedicure | $75
Gentlemen’s Pedicure | $75
French Pedicure | +$10


Dazzle Dry

Dazzle Dry Quick Dry Natural Nail System. Vegan and consisting of Nail Prep, Base Coat, Lacquers and Top Coat, Dazzle Dry is the only lacquer free of Nitrocellulose, Toluene, Formaldehyde and Camphor on the market today. Fortified with proVitamin B5 and Calcium, Dazzle Dry actually strengthens the natural nail, as it offers exceptional non-yellowing performance and wear.

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Founder Cord Coen’s family farm in Boulder, Colorado is growing organic, biodynamic herbs for use in ZENTS formulations. Organic shea butter, sustainably hand harvested, along with soothing, nourishing botanicals like chamomile and green tea flood your skin with the healing powers of Mother Nature. You won't find anywhere parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl/eth sulfate, propylene glycol, or dyes in their products.

Learn more about ZENTS.