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Day One: Friday

3:00pm Hotel Early Warm Welcome Check-in

  • Performed by Lansdowne


4:30pm Welcome to the Good Life: INOVA Strategic Wellness at Lansdown Immersion Orientation ALL ATTENDEES (overview of Lansdowne’s Good Life Philosophy)

  • Performed by: INOVA on providing the wellness coach
  • Performed by: Lansdowne to provide room for orientation, room set, up and refreshments, Costs: $



5:00pm BE CONNECTED: Welcome Tea Tasting Lab (Dominion Tea) ALL ATTENDEES

  • Inclusive of an Icebreaker for the group to get to know one another.
    • Lansdowne to work with Director of Recreation for activity
  • Performed by: Lansdowne will set up, and arrange room for tasting, set up of room, and all cost associated with the tasting event



8:00pm EAT WELL: Dinner in Coton and Rye (satisfying nutritionist designed meal) ALL ATTENDEES.  All attendees will receive a Goal-Setting work sheet to be completed and brought to their coaching session.   

  • Performed by: Lansdowne team to prepare, and serve all meals, under the guidance of INOVA
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