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La Cantera Resort & Spa pays homage to San Antonio and Texas history throughout the resort and grounds.

La Cantera Resort & Spa displays our heritage to one of the largest and most famous ranches in the world, the King Ranch, located in South Texas. When you enter the lobby of La Cantera Resort & Spa, you’ll find that our lobby space was built to resemble the “Big House” at King Ranch. The wood beams in the ceiling, the roaring stone fireplace in the lobby and the look of Sire Bar’s rustic colors and furnishings, all tie back to the “Big House” at the King Ranch.

Henrietta’s Market, the grab-and-go store at our Texas Hill Country resort, also reflects the ranch's heritage. Henrietta King was the sole owner of the King Ranch for nearly 40 years, after her husband, Richard King died in 1885. She managed the ranch, its staff and cattle. Henrietta’s Market is named after her, the extraordinary woman who led and managed the famed ranch.

The Esparza Lawn is named after a Texas fighter who perished at the Alamo, Gregorio Esparza. Gregorio’s brother, Enrique, was a member of the Mexican Army, while Gregorio had moved his family to Texas and was at the Alamo when Santa Anna’s army arrived. Gregorio fought alongside the other Texans, dying during the battle. His brother Enrique learned that Gregorio had been in the battle and was allowed to find his brother’s body and give him a proper Christian burial. Gregorio was the only member of the Alamo defenders to receive a burial.

Emily’s Rose Court is named after the “Yellow Rose of Texas”, Emily Morgan. Emily Morgan was born a slave on James Morgan’s Plantation in Mississippi and was later brought to the Texas town of New Washington (just south of present day Houston). Emily was taken captive by the Mexican army in 1836 and Santa Anna took a liking to her. When Santa Anna located the Texas troops at San Jacinto, he set up camp only a mile away. Sam Houston located the Mexican Army and saw Santa Anna, with Emily Morgan, among the camp when he climbed a tree.

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