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Golf Hole-In-One Construction Challenge:

We’ve added a little twist to this game – you build your course before you play! Group is divided into construction teams & are instructed to use a box of supplies at each to build one miniature golf hole. This is a project that emphasizes creativity, communication, collaboration, teamwork & of course FUN!

Madcap Putting:

This nutty putting activity is the perfect way to bring golfers & non-golfers together on fair playing turf. Participants will engage in a series of short putting holes - but here’s the catch . . . each hole is supplied with a different putting instrument that must be used at that hole. These zany clubs may include a tennis racket, croquet mallet or cue stick. Six to nine holes of varying lengths based on group size & time frame.

Build a Boat & Hope It Floats Challenge:

This fun, active team activity requires your group to process a problem, strategize the solution or outcome & communicate using all the team members’ input & work together to complete the project. Sound like a successful day at the office? The solution: Each team must build a boat that will support one member while paddling the length of the pool & back. 

Amazing Race Challenge:

We know that all groups’ participants have diverse interests & abilities so finding the right teambuilding event can be its own challenge. This event takes into consideration all these diversities & we guarantee your group will be talking about it long after the event ends. The activity will not be divulged, but the clue will indicate whether it is a physical or mental challenge. Each team must strategize how to get to each location, how to deploy their team to accomplish all the activity stations, find all of the scavenger hunt items & complete their mental challenge sheets. Did we mention there is time limit? All aspects of this event are scored to ultimately lead to a final score for each team.

Photo Scavenger Hunt:

Each team will be issued a digital camera & a limit on the number of photos taken during the scavenger hunt. Clues will lead to destinations in & around La Cantera. Each group must take a photo of their team at that location. Creativity & team spirit are taken into consideration!

Win It in a Minute:

In this fast paced event, teams will compete in seemingly easy yet adrenaline pumping challenges that take a minute or less to accomplish. Challenges include: Nose Dive, Velcro Head, Suck it Up, A Bit Dicey, Caddy Stack, Hangnails, In Your Face, Pantyhose, Boomerang, Rapidfire.

Pit Stop Challenge:

This fast paced challenge is a combination of mental & physical challenges that can only be solved using the talents of the entire group. This adventure, much like your business, will span great distances, present beatable obstacles & test you with mindboggling riddles. Every challenge has a winnable solution that will create a team spirit!


Party Enhancements:

Are you looking to put on a Casino night, live DJ or even bring in a mechanical bull? These items can be provided to your event to give it the extra boost every party needs.

Entertainers: Available upon request

Theme Camps:

Allow us to create a memorable evening for your kids. We can do simple & we can also do extreme. Camps can be themed to your choice. Ideas include: Movie Night, Dance Night, Wii Tournament, and Not So Boring Board Games.


The Great Escape:

Escape to the sun anytime of the year with this tasty challenge. Teams will have 75 minutes to create their most tempting Margarita recipe & whip up tasty batches of guacamole. With game show style trivia, teams will be given the opportunity to win secret ingredients. This challenge will delight the masses!

Shaken & Stirred Mixology Class:

Inspired by the creations in Sire, guests will be given expert tips on creating classic cocktails like the Martini, Mojito & Margarita while being challenged to create a twist on those classics. So enjoy your cocktail shaken or stirred & bring out your inner entertainer. Guests will also be given custom menus to take home.COMMUNITY


Icebreakers are a great way to ease the struggle of introductions, open the door to interaction & to help get your group revitalized between meetings. It can be as simple as a 5_10 minute activity to revitalize your group after lunch, or a 15-30 minute activity to foster communication & teamwork. Suggested Icebreakers include: Spiders Web, Helium Stick, Bridging the Gap, Mine Field, Don’t Get Nailed, The Marble Game, Pipe Line, Magic Shoes, Island Game. 

Lawn Game Set Up: Games are available upon request; great for a break in your day or at cocktail hour. Ideas include: Croquet, Bocce, Horseshoes, Corn hole, Ladder Golf & Badminton.

Lawn Game Challenge:

Set up lawn games, break into teams & let the fun begin!


Build a Bike:

A healthy dose of competition that gives back to the community... Be the first to get all the parts needed to successfully build a bike. Once bikes are built they are donated to a local San Antonio children’s organization.

Lego Competition:

Lego isn’t just about fun & games…working with Lego helps enhance creative & critical thinking skills while getting to act like a kid again. For this team building exercise, teams will have to work together, while separated to successfully build the Lego kits provided while competing with the other teams. This is a great activity that challenges participants & also gives back to the community. Lego’s will be donated to a Non-Profit Organization here in San Antonio.

Support Our Troops:

Want to give back to those that have dedicated their lives to protecting ours? This is the activity for you! You can challenge yourselves by setting a number of packages to complete as a group or you can make it into a competition to fill more than the team beside you. The care packages help enhance the morale & well-being of those troops around the world serving on the front lines. 


Brain breaks increase productivity & give us all a chance to take our minds off of the task at hand and give us a chance to refocus & regroup. Sitting for long periods of time also make you stiffen up & lose focus so getting up & moving or giving your brain a break during meetings or conferences will help attendees with retention & focus. Discuss options with our Recreation Specialist.

Brain Breaks:

Our Recreation team will bring in a variety of games to get your brain moving in a different direction & give it a break from the contents of the conference or meeting. These games are intended to be played for a short time & can be done once or over several breaks. Great option for large or small groups.

Stretch Breaks:

Getting up & moving is important especially if you have been sitting for some time. Our team will take over your meeting space & get everyone moving & refocused. These breaks are also designed for a short time frame.

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