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SweetFire Burger

Tips for the perfect burger from Chef Jake

Today is #NationalCheeseburgerDay! To celebrate, we snuck into SweetFire Kitchen and convinced Chef Jake to give us his favorite burger creating tips!

Tip 1: Always try to grill over wood or charcoal. The dripping hit the hot coals and give a remarkable flavor. 

Tip 2: Burgers are best served Med-Med Well (140-155F) this way they are hot and juicy at the same time. 

Tip 3: Heirloom tomatoes make the best accompaniment, they have that old tomato flavor.

Tip 4: Try to use a brioche bun, its soft yet will hold up versus smashing and falling apart.

Tip 5: Cheese is a must! (Obviously…) Be daring here, truffle, habanero, herb flavored cheeses all go well.

Tip 6: If you want to try something other than fries as a side with your burger, try pickles or pickled vegetables.

Obviously, Chef Jake knows what he is doing. If you haven’t tried his SweetFire Burger, stop by this weekend to celebrate, or try his tips at home to create the best burger ever! 

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