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Insider Tips for La Cantera Resort's Golf Pro

La Cantera Hill Country Resort is home to two incredible championship golf courses, both offering our guests an opportunity to test their skills, soak in beautiful views and enjoy all that a great course has to offer. Over the next several weeks, our Golf Pros will be sharing their secrets of each hole, so you can play your best round ever.

Up next is the front 9 holes at the Resort Course with tips from Head Golf Professional, Judd Campbell.  To get tips for the Palmer course, click here!

Hole #1 PAR 5

The first hole at La Cantera’s Resort Course is a downhill Par 5 that bends to the right.  A good aiming spot off the tee is the right edge of the fairway bunker.  The slope of the fairway will funnel shots from left to right.  Beware of the tree on the right side of the fairway; it is waiting to block shots that are hit to far down the right.  The smart play is to lay your second shot up and leave yourself with a comfortable yardage into the green.  The green is guarded by bunkers on the short left and right, so make sure to take enough club to get you to the center of the green.

Hole #2 PAR 4

One of the trickiest holes on the course, this short Par 4 requires a well-placed tee shot.  The hole is a sharp dog-leg right with a dry creek bed dividing the end of the fairway and the approach to the green.  A good line off the tee is at the center of the bunker, but be sure to take enough club to safely carry.  This should leave you with a mid/short iron into the two-tier green.  Watch out of the false front, take an extra club and make sure to carry past the front slope. Shots that are short will role all the way back off the green. 

Hole #3 PAR 3

This is a simple Par 3 with a small pond just off the front of the teeing area.  It plays slightly uphill, so be sure to take enough club and play for the center of the green.   There are two bunkers that sit long and left of the putting surface.

Hole #4 PAR 4

The fairway on this long Par 4 bends slightly to the left.  A good aiming point off the tee is the left edge of the furthest fairway bunker for players who shape the ball right to left.  The green is elevated, so the approach shot usually plays 4-7 yards longer than what the actual yardage indicates.  If you miss this green to the left, you will be in one of two very deep, unforgiving bunkers.  Like hole 2, this green also has a false front so aim for the center of the green to avoid having the ball role back off the front. 

Hole #5 PAR 5

The second of the two Par 5’s on the front 9, this hole is ripe for birdies.  Playing at less than 500 yards and all downhill from all but the championship tees, this is a two shot hole for a lot of players.  The green is protected by a total of 4 bunkers that sit on each side.  Those who decide to go for the green in two need to have pin point accuracy, and be able to stop it on a dime. 

Hole #6 PAR 3

This short Par 3 begins what we call “The Fiesta Loop.”  Although this hole is short, the margin for error is very small.  The green is surrounded by bunkers on the right and back, with lateral hazards on the front and left.  The smart play is the center of the green, but players that are confident in their iron ability may choose to go “pin seeking.”

Hole #7 PAR 4

As soon as you reach the tee box on the 7th you will know why we call it “The Fiesta Loop.”  This hole overlooks Six Flags Fiesta Texas and is unlike anything you have seen at other golf courses.  The tee shot is from a cliff elevated approximately 80ft above the fairway, most players will choose to leave driver in the bag here.  Leave your tee shot short of the furthest fairway bunker on the left for a short pitch into the green.

Hole #8 PAR 4

The fairway bends left at the 8th leading to a heavily bunkered green.  No need to hit driver here, it is most important to leave yourself with a full shot into the green.  Full shots allow you to generate more spin and stopping power, which is exactly what you will need on your approach to fly the front bunkers and stop it quick.

Hole #9 PAR 4

Rising back up the hill, this hole always plays a club longer than the actual yardage.  Aim your tee shot down the left side of the fairway to avoid the bunkers on the right.  Make sure to add a few yards for the uphill on your approach shot and try to put the ball in the center of this elevated green.  There is a slope on the right portion of the green that will take shots that are hit to far right and funnel them off of the putting surface.

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