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Connecting the mind, body and spirit

For these services please wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Using the time and place of your birth, our astrologer interprets patterns and tendencies, and offers insights into your life. Birth date, birthplace and time of birth needed 24 hours prior to appointment.
50 minutes $145

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that attunes the energy flow within the body and allows for one’s own natural healing processes to occur. This is a subtle light-touch modality, not a traditional massage.
50 minutes $145

Cranial Sacral
Very subtle work focused on increasing the flow of cerebrospinal fluid through the head and spine. Beneficial to people who suffer from headaches, chronic neck pain, chronic fatigue and problems related to stress and tension. This is a light-touch modality, not a traditional massage. 
50 minutes $145

Chakra Balancing 
According to Tantric tradition, everyone has seven energy centers that serve as junction points between the body and spirit. These spinning vortices, called chakras in Sanskrit, receive and express our vital life energy. Feel balanced, relaxed and refreshed. This is a subtle light-touch modality, not a traditional massage. 
50 minutes $145

Sage Vision
Intuitive Reading Seeking clarity and support in soulful, purpose-based living? Need assistance in navigating challenging or transitional situations? Consult with Lynsey for an Intuitive Reading. Come away with a renewed sense of focus and empowerment, and a deepened appreciation for the wisdom and meaning of your unique Soul path. 
50 minutes $145

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