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mixed nuts | 5

popcorn olive oil, pecorino, calabrese oil | 5

ceci crispy, spiced garbanzo beans | 6

brussels sprouts crispy pancetta | 10

‘suppli al telefono’ deep fried risotto-mozzarella balls | 11

meatballs wood-fired, house-made | 12

fritti calamari, lemon; amogio sauce | 13 

roasted radish goat cheese, balsamic reduction | 11 

bolognese poutine fries, bolognese, buratta | 15

olives wood-oven roasted| 6

butternut squash ravioli brown butter, sage, walnuts | 11

fries | 6

onion rings | 6

pizza  $18

romana  ricotta salata, tomato passata, basil 

prosciutto broccoli rabe, prosciutto mozzarella, tomato passata, chile oil 

sausage italian sausage, tomato passata, mushrooms, calabrian chilies, sweet onion, fontina 

pepperoni. yes, pepperoni 

bianca béchamel, mozzarella, parmesan, arugula                

pancetta roasted garlic, sweet onion, sage, tomato passata, mozzarella          

{ add }  
     prosciutto 3 | anchovy  2 | pancetta  3  

the board  

ACME rosemary focaccia  extra virgin olive oil | 2 

‘arrosticini’ marinated-grilled skewers of lamb | 2.5 ea. 

cheese  Ellie’s Vintage Reserve Blue, Valley Ford Estero Gold, Marin French Petite Camembert, Cypress Grove Midnight Moon; pistachios, honeycomb , jam | 19

salumi dry-cured speck, lomo, sopressata riserva, prosciutto, uncured spicy salami; marinated vegetables | 19

buratta marinated root vegetables, crispy kale, rosemary-honey vinaigrette, shaved radish | 16

burger  pickled cucumber, caramelized onions, bibb lettuce, tomato, fontina, herb aioli, brioche bun;  fries | 16

{ add }  
     bacon | 2

salads $12

endive artichokes, anchovy, lemon, parmesan 

house bibb and red oak organic lettuces, vine ripe tomatoes, feta cheese, pistachios 

caesar romaine, anchovy-egg dressing, house-made croutons, parmesan 

spinach grilled eggplant, pine nuts, tomato, warm goat cheese
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