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How Holiday Parties Boost Company Culture

Step away from the conference table filled with grocery store platters and a few bottles of wine, and start investing in some serious fun outside of the office to boost company culture. With the arrival of the holiday season, holiday parties are a chance to captivate even the shyest employee. In addition, year-end celebrations provide the perfect opportunity to start the year on a high note, show what the company is all about, and gain employee validation. The people want a party, and they deserve it! Discover the many reasons why reserving one of The Embassy Row Hotel’s party venues in DC is a great idea.

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Builds Culture
Because everyone is gathered in the same place, this is the perfect opportunity to shine a spotlight on past and future initiatives. Reset your company message with a quick presentation, talking points for the team, and fun activities to follow. Say for instance you want to remind your colleagues about an eco-friendly mission, now would be a good to get everyone on board. Just think: If you’re employees have a good time, they’ll promote your company in a good light through word-of-mouth, social media sites like LinkedIn, and even Glassdoor.com where company culture is considered in the rankings.

Boost Morale
Consider your holiday party a company pep-rally where you spread enthusiasm for the next year, and really rally up some team-spirit. This is a great time to expand departmental perspectives and infuse them with other ideas from the business as a whole. Employees not only need the time to wind down with their fellow colleagues, the “work hard, play hard” balance is a way to prevent burnouts. When your team feels positive and confident, they’ll spread that positivity to others, and are more likely to feel satisfied with work! 

Show Gratitude
Holiday parties help emphasize achievements and show some serious gratitude for the employees that help the company thrive. Make colleagues feel special with custom awards, whether fun or serious, and top it off with thank you cards that highlight the impact the attendees have had on the company. When done right, holiday party awards can evoke those warm, fuzzy feelings that make an employee want to stay at a company long-term.

Form Strong Bonds

Sometimes, we’re so hooked on our own work that we don’t leave our desk to talk to the people around us. Not only is interaction a key factor when building respect among employees, it is a chance to shake up day-to-day habits. Having an event centered on celebration helps break walls and forms stronger, interconnected bonds company-wide. Loosen up and show the fun side of business with a little dancing, games, delicious food, and holiday cocktails. From one department to next, sparking future conversation with a common thread is essential to the success of the company, and is an added work perk.

Having a holiday party your colleagues can look forward to will boost company culture consequently strengthening the company’s core. Use company holiday parties to create a lasting impact on your colleagues, and do so without breaking the bank. Effective communication, proper planning, and a unique space will result in a fun, budget-friendly party for all.

 Contact embassyrowsales@destinationhotels.com or visit our packages page for more information on The Embassy Row Hotel’s holiday party venues in D.C.

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