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Nature & Hiking

Take the time to unwind and just listen, smell and experience the life of the land. There is a lot of nature to explore near our South Maui resorts and condo rentals. Here we share a few of the lesser known, unique and special places to be inspired by Maui’s natural habitat.

Āhihi-Kīnaʻu Natural Area Reserve
is a protected area of land and sea along 3 miles of the Makena coastline.  A bumpy one lane road takes you through scenic coastline and lava fields with a view of the last eruption on Maui.  It’s a habitat for rare and endangered species and archeological sites so please respect that hiking is not allowed, until the rugged parking lot at La Perouse Bay, which starts the Hoapili or King’s Trail.

Kanaha Pond State Wildlife Sanctuary is a National Natural Landmark and a 143-acre wetland.  It is a famous waterfowl sanctuary, home to three endangered Hawaiian bird species, the Hawaiian coot (ʻalae, ʻalae keʻokeʻo), the Hawaiian duck (koloa)

Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge is a wetland bird sanctuary for 30 species of waterfowl, shorebirds, and migratory ducks, including the endangered Hawaiian stilt (āeʻo) and endemic Hawaiian coot (ʻalae kea).

Merwin Palm Forest
is a 19-acre private reserve with nearly 2,800 palm trees that was restored by one of America’s greatest living poets, W.W. Merwin.  Advance reservations are required for only two monthly hikes that will immerse you in history and nature, and include poetry readings and quiet reflection.

Iao Valley Emerse yourself in Hawaiian history and culture with a walk through Iao Valley in central Maui. Dip your feet in the refreshing Iao Stream and gaze up at the impressive mountain peaks that surround you.

Waihe'e Ridge Trail is the trail to explore if you are looking for iconic scenic views. Private helicopter tours often fly over parts of the trail that winds up a mountain ridge to a wooden viewing platform. The 4.5-mile roundtrip trail climbs over 1,500 feet in elevation as is a challenging workout for all fitness levels.

Private Nature Guides design hikes that align with your interests and capabilities.   This is an excellent way to go on a hiking adventure with a local guide that will not only take you to lesser known trails, but will also share the history, botany and culture of Maui.

One of the most achingly beautiful places in Maui can be seen only by helicopter.  The Wall of Tears is known for its multiple cascading waterfalls deep in the valleys of Maui.

The nene goose is endemic to Hawaii and is the world's rarest goose.  It's the official State bird which can be found exclusively in Hawaii, including on the slopes of Haleakala on Maui.

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