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Must Shop Makawao

Makawao town is a small, walkable district full of the visible remnants of this area’s rich history.  Back in the 1800s, the town burst into life, cozied in the heart of sugarcane, pineapple and ranch lands. Perhaps most well-known for its reputation as a paniolo (Hawaiian cowboy) town, it’s easy to imagine horse drawn days down it’s narrow, bustling streets and it still hosts the island’s favorite Fourth of July Rodeo and Parade, as well as Polo events just up the road. 

On any given day, Makawao calls many to enjoy. 

The historical buildings that once housed mom and pop shops are now home to a plethora of boutiques, intriguing shopping experiences and enough food options to keep you fueled. 

Designing Wahine Emporium

3640 Baldwin Avenue; 10am - 6pm Monday - Saturday; 12pm - 4pm Sunday

This long standing and adorable boutique offers a great variety of island inspired items, subtle enough to fall away from the souvenir category and directly into your favorite daily valuables. This is the perfect place to pick up thoughtful gifts or spoil yourself: Towels, handbags, spa products, local spices, clothing and details for your home, just to name a few. 

Holo Holo Surf

3621 Baldwin Avenue, 10am - 5pm Monday - Friday; 10am - 2pm Saturday

This is a newer boutique that channels surf culture and the mellow, meandering spirit of Makawao. Here you can find aloha casual through swimwear, jewelry and picture books. If all you get from this shop is their vibe, it would have been worth a browse for sure.

The Mercantile Makawao
3673 Baldwin Avenue

This very boho boutique boasts an assortment of clothing with a heaping dose of casual. You can also find some great gift shopping like candles and kantha blankets, perfect for a beach or picnic.

Pink by Nature & Homme By Nature

3663 Baldwin Avenue; 3643 Baldwin Avenue

These brother and sister stores are just a few shops away from each other, share the same owner and have a similar aesthetic. Pink By Nature offers head to toe details to dress for any occasion, handbags, jewelry, hats and footwear.

Homme By Nature hosts a more masculine essence that both men and women can appreciate. They have candles, men’s and kids clothing and quality ceramic to fill your cupboards with personality. 

Maui Hands

1169 Makawao Avenue; 10am - 6pm

The title says it all. This gallery provides a platform for local talent and a cohesive collection of island artists. From painted pieces that celebrate the culture of Maui to simple screen printed tea towels, this is a great stop to browse through or pick up an inspired souvenir.


1169 Makawao Avenue; 10am - 4:30 pm Tuesday - Friday; 10am - 5pm Saturday

This quaint consignment shop for kids offers quality clothing, toys and youth essentials.  But this is a far cry from your typical second-hand store. With bright prints and fresh, contemporary styles you are sure to scoop up many gems that you would never think were previously owned.  We love the essence of practicality in this shop and if you have any kids in your life, this spot is definitely worth a stop.  

Keani Jewelry

1156 Makawao Avenue; 10am - 5pm

This Maui based jeweler brings quality craftsmanship and a unique aesthetic.  The jewelry is designed with roots in island imagery such as mermaid scales and palm fronds.  This shop is definitely unlike any other jewelry store you’ve been in.


1152 Makawao Avenue; 10am - 6pm Monday - Saturday; 10am - 5pm Sunday 

Yet another boutique, though this one comes in with an illuminated, modern, earthy style. Clothing, active-wear, jewelry as well as ritual pieces like smudging supplies, tarot cards and candles. 

Komoda Bakery

3674 Baldwin Avenue; 7am - 4pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday; 7am - 2pm Saturday

Arguably the last remaining shop in operation from old town Makawao. This family bakery is a staple for upcountry locals and continues to have lines out the door each and every morning (don’t worry, it moves quickly).  Freshly baked donuts, breads and cakes with an original and consistent texture and flavor have kept this mom and pop in operation for 100 hundred years. Let’s say that again. 100 years. Whether you start or end your Makawao visit here, or start and end it there, it is an absolutely must. 


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