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Destination Taste

When you arrive at our Snowmass, CO property, you can immediately immerse yourself in the destination by enjoying a sample of our Signature “Destination Taste”, which is a traditional jerky reminiscent of what the early settlers of the area relied on for dense, easy-to-carry nutrition. Ours is made by House of Smoke, a local Colorado purveyor.

Ch’arkl, a name derived from the Quechuan language of the Incas, which literally translates into “dried meat”), later evolved into what we now call “Jerky”. The discovery of Jerky allowed Native Americans to both store food for long periods of time and have an easily carried, dense source of nutrition to take with them on journeys. Jerky reached its height of popularity during the expansion into North America. Traders and explorers, who traveled over the high Rockies, used Jerky as a main staple. Our recipe commemorates the history of both the Ute Indians – who for centuries called this valley home – and the rugged pioneers who came later to trap and settle the Snowmass valley.

The Artisan

Additionally, when you dine at The Artisan, inside The Stonebridge Inn, you can experience a taste of the destination by ordering items that showcase local ingredients. Some of our local Colorado partners include:

  • Hazel Del Farms, Fort Collins
  • HazelLombardi Bros. Meats, Denver
  • HazelAvalanche Cheese Co., Basalt
  • HazelHaystack Mountain, Longmont
  • HazelBoulder Natural Chicken, Boulder
  • HazelPappardelle’s, Denver
  • HazelMouCo Cheese Co., Fort Collins
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In winter, cozy up in the lounge, relax at the bar, or sit down to a locally sourced, handcrafted menu. In summer, enjoy the Colorado sunshine and dine al fresco on the secluded outdoor patio.

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