The shaka is a universal hand gesture that means different things relative to each situation.

You may have seen Heisman trophy winner and pro-football player Marcus Mariota flashing one to picture-taking fans, or former Miss Universe, Brooke Lee, in her beautiful evening gown and crown, giving a shaka in her victory walks as Miss USA and Miss Universe. And President Obama threw a shaka to the Hawaii marching band from his alma mater as they passed him in his inaugural parade.

In Hawaii, the shaka replaces the hand wave for both hello and goodbye, it’s a gesture of thanks when being let into traffic and a symbol of happiness for an accomplishment or win. It’s Hawaii’s own sign language which is an acknowledgement of aloha, both indescribable and unexplainable, carrying layers of meaning that express genuine warmth, affection, gratitude and celebration.

And this year, Destination Residences Hawaii celebrates its 30th anniversary.

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