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Rachel Carlson Wildlife Reservation

Hit the trails of the Rachel Carson Wildlife
Reserve and take in the largely undisturbed
wetlands in the protected refuge. Visitors
can also find kayaking and canoeing
opportunities. Birdwatchers are bound to
be wowed.

For bird watchers, the summer months are a
great time to spot the Piping Plover, an endangered
beach-nesting shore bird. Fifty to
75% of the Maine piping
plover population
nests at sites on or
near the refuge.
The Salt Marsh Sparrow is
also a summer favorite. The
sparrow spend it’s entire life in
the marshes. The bird is a secretive
one, with sulking habits that make it
somewhat difficult to spot. Its call is barely
a udible. But you can hear it and
other Maine birds by visiting

The New England Cottontail is different
than it’s more abundant cousin, the Eastern
Cottontail. It is protected as of 1998 and on
the Maine endangered species list. Loss of
habitat from development and forestation
continues to threaten its survival. Where they
once fl ourished in young forest, they struggle
in what has become older woods, not an ideal
home for rabbits.

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