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Our Furry Friends

Dear Furry Friends,

We want your stay with us to be as happy as possible as well as respect the comfort of our other guests.  In order to make that happen, we ask that as our furry guest, you be aware of the following rules: 

  1. Your Person must clean up after you.
  2. Pet-friendly rooms are located on the 4th and 5th floor.  If you must be left unattended, it is imperative that your Person puts the “On Watch” sign on the doorknob and checks in at the Front Desk so that they can be contacted should any problems arise. You may only be left alone in the comfort of your room if you Person remains present on property. Failure to do so will result in charges made to your Person’s account which will reflect any compensation the resort has made to other guests because of your barking. 
  3. If your Person needs to leave the property, they should see our Concierge who can recommend a local pet-sitting service which your Person can contact. It’s for your well-being as well as those around you. Plus, you’ll have a playmate!  
  4. Please have your Person let Housekeeping know when you would like your room serviced by calling extension 0. Also, let your housekeeper know if you have any aversions, i.e. vacuums or sprays. And no, barking at the vacuum won’t make it go away. 
  5.  Maine state law prohibits the presence of animals in public places that serve food. The only exception is with outdoor dining, which will be available at our resort on a seasonal basis.  Your service animal friends are exempt from this law when proper documentation is presented. 
  6.  Please, no digging in the gardens.  We know it’s tempting however we have enough People to handle that. 
  7.  We ask that you bring your favorite spot to relax with you in the form of a bed or crate, and not use the human furniture to sleep on—it’s not as comfortable, anyway.
  8.  Visit our pet exits located at the end of staircase outside [rooms 416 and 434]. We’ll have some accessories and treats stashed there for you and your person to use.

We ask that your People acknowledge that they have read the above rules and regulations and that there is a $200 charge per dog for your visit with us, with 20% of this charge donated to our local animal shelter. A $250 incidental hold including pet deposit will be returned upon departure as long as the above rules are properly followed.  

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