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Taste of Our Place

Ever wonder why we serve Bavarian Mints at check in? Why, let us tell you!

When our owners, the Johnston family, first purchased the Christiania in the 60's, they knew exactly where they wanted to buy their furniture from. On a previous trip to Europe, the Johnston's met the Menzel family, hand makers of Bavarian furniture. Their quality furniture making skills allowed the Johnson's to theme the lodge after a ski lodge in Bavaria.

Years later, the Christiania welcomed Kaitlyn Medley into it's family. Originally from Oklahoma, Kaitlyn had been skiing in Vail for her entire life. When we announced we were going to provide Bavarian Mints at check in, Kaitlyn knew exactly where we should order them from.

This is where Woody's Candy Shop comes in. This small, family owned business in the heart of the midwest has been producing hand made candies for years. Similar to the Christiania, they provide their customers with the warmth and care that only a family owned business can provide.

Hence, the Christiania Bavarian Mints were born. While they are not actually imported from Germany, we believe the hard work and history that goes behind each mint provides an extra level of uniqueness to them. We hope you enjoy them!

Christiania Winter Quaint Bavarian Lodge
Christiania Lodge_Breakfast Room_1 Handmade Chairs in Sarah's Lounge
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