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Hill Ballroom

Hill Ballroom

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Chancellor’s Ballroom

Alumni Room

Club Room

South Parlor

Front Porch

Hill Courtyard

Bryan Courtyard

Black and White Hallway

Crossroads Chapel Hill

Pittsboro Street Provisions

Hotel Map

  1. Hill Ballroom
  2. Chancellor’s Ballroom
  3. Alumni Room
  4. Club Room
  5. South Parlor
  6. Front Porch
  7. Hill Courtyard
  8. Bryan Courtyard
  9. Black and White Hallway
  10. Crossroads Chapel Hill
  11. Pittsboro Street Provisions
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Crossroads crafts a dining experience unique to Chapel Hill. Share a meal or cocktail with friends and family in the historic setting of The Carolina Inn. With its distinctly Southern soul and North Carolina Spirit, this award-winning restaurant and bar infuses your experience with energy, great food and a comforting sense of place.