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"Thank you so much for the Anniversary Santa Margherita. We were overwhelmed by your thoughtfulness and kindness. It is always a treat to spend time in Vail. Landmark is beautiful and everyone is so helpful and kind. We always look forward to our trip to paradise."

"...[Everyone] had done an outstanding job helping us with our arrangements and taking care of us during our stay. Our family retreat was a wonderful success because of your efforts and we will be coming back to stay with Enzian."

"On my visit over the 4th­, The Landmark building looked so ‘spiffy' and the staff was so helpful. Congratulations to all for running a first rate business!"

"We want to thank you and the entire staff at Top of the Village for your great service during our recent trip. We've been to resorts all over North America and can say without a doubt that you guys are the best!"

"I have been staying at one of your destination resorts in Vail for over 25 years...I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how fortunate you are to have such a wonderful staff...We repeat our stay and look forward to it...and have referred many of our friends who have also stayed at Landmark or Vantage Point and are very pleased."

"...Our overall experience at Top of the Village (and Snowmass in general) was brilliant. The room was perfect, location great, and your staff amazing."


"When I think of Destination Resorts Property Management, the word that comes to mind is "professional". From budgeting to execution of the budget, they are true professionals. They say what they are going to do and then do what they say."

"With Destination Resorts Management it is all about the people. The staff is great from top to bottom. The focus is always on the customer and what can we do to make it even better for the customer. An organization with good people is tough to beat."

"I feel that Destination Resorts Management views working with our Condominium Association as a partnership. We each have different roles to fill, but there do not have to be any "winners or losers". Rather, we can both be winners."

"In my over 20­ years as General Manager of Manor Vail, only since Destination Resort management have the following things happened...increasing gross revenues, returns to the owners in the Manor Vail rental program have increased 17% over their pre­Destination best ever. Destination's state of the art revenue management and marketing initiatives contribute to the revenue and sophisticated systems including accounting, human resources, and information technology help contain costs. Ancillary revenues, specifically parking revenue, have grown to over $100,000/year from virtually nothing prior to DH&R. This is a result of creatively taking advantage of a previously underutilized asset. Since DH&R's involvement at Manor Vail, we have created a five­-year rolling capital budget and with the Board's foresight and assistance, established and successfully executed a strategy to increase cash reserves and operating reserves. Since 2009, Manor Vail has more than doubled the number of platinum units available to the rental program through the joint efforts of DH&R, the Association's Board of Managers, and a staff member dedicated to effectively assist owners in upgrading their units."

"The effectiveness and efficiency with which Destination Resorts Management operates our physical property and rental program is evident through a variety of metrics that we frequently discuss. However, in addition to these quantifiable changes, DRM has also imbued in its personnel a culture of professionalism and commitment that is evident in most everything they do. DRM has consistently exceeded our expectations and they have been a pleasure to work with."

"I can describe Destination Resorts only in the superlatives...responsive, reliable, accommodating, resourceful, committed and professional in every aspect of customer service, whether it is with our homeowner's association or with our customers. They have high standards and discipline from the top of their organization to the front desk. And, they deliver on their promises."

"The general manager..., who has been at the Landmark for decades, is absolutely wonderful and the most accommodating he could possibly be; we are so fortunate to have him. He knows the building inside and out. The housekeeping staff is simply wonderful as well and they are always there to help you. Here at the Landmark we are very blessed."

"Destination Resorts Hawaii has proven time and time again that they are the premier property management company, consistently delivering high­ quality, professional services for our guests, meticulously maintaining our unit, and providing a great return on investment."

"I want to thank you for your hard work, dedication and perseverance on our behalf at the Landmark...Landmark is my refuge. Your efforts have transformed our building into a showcase, and that has transformed our experience as well. Please know how much I personally appreciate all you have done..."

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