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Paul Dhunjishaw - VP, Guest Experience Technology

It’s a typical Wednesday afternoon at lunch time and Paul Dhunjishaw is sitting on a fiberglass bench with a faint smell of ammonia in the air. He’s just finished his latest shift at the local adult hockey drop-in and he’s wondering why a professional team has never offered him a contract. Maybe it’s because he’s old, possibly because he’s really slow. Most likely because he has never had any particular skills other than a love for the game. But then again, maybe it’s because he’s devoted his entire adult life to hospitality. In his 24 years with Destination, Paul has played many positions on many teams for the company over the years. He has obtained a broad base of knowledge that started in operations, made line change to finance, and ultimately ended up on the Technology line. When he started in technology, keys were metal, TVs weighed 100 pounds and guests would use landlines for calls. A lot has changed in that time and Paul is charged with making sure Destination keeps up. Before recommending a new technology to a Destination property, he asks: what is the unmet need? Will the technology enhance the guest experience? What, if any, is the ROI for implementing the technology? Paul is focused on balancing his life --he works hard and plays hard. For him, it is the passion of the teams at both corporate and hotels that make the job worthwhile. 


Paul Dhunjishaw

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