Snap Then Snack On These Holiday Dishes

Winter comfort food and drinks that are both beautiful and delicious

Food that’s easy on the palate is one thing, but food that’s also easy on the eyes must be snapped – with a photo, of course. Chefs and mixologists at Destination Hotels all across the country have whipped up plates and cocktails that are equal parts delicious and beautiful. The smoked sturgeon by Chef David Dunlap at The Quirk Hotel takes on the bold hues of the holidays, with a nasturtium crust and trout roe. While San Diego may not see snow, it’s easy to feel festive after a sip of Paradise Point Resort & Spa’s Let’s Jingle cocktail. This winter holiday drink is comprised of a blend of bourbon, allspice liqueur, and cranberry ginger infused honey syrup, making you feel cozy from the inside out. The Carolina Inn’s new pastry chef Annika Loureiro elevates the humble apple cobbler to a visual masterpiece with her Apple Cobbler “en surprise.” It features Japanese cheesecake and spicy local apples, topped with delicate butter cookies for a crunchy finish. The presentation alone for Manor Vail Lodge’s Pumpkin Painkiller – the rum-based cocktail is served in a hollowed-out pumpkin – demands a photo.



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