Winchester Mystery House

Don’t miss this creepy attraction in San Jose

The Bay Area is home to tons of attractions, but arguably few are as strange and provocative as the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. It all began in 1886, when the heiress to the Winchester gun fortune, Sarah Winchester, purchased a small eight-room farmhouse.

Over the course a whopping 36 years, Winchester continued to build upon the property, until she passed in 1922. Though the size alone of the mansion is impressive – there’s over 160 rooms and 10,000 windows – it’s the peculiar features that boggle visitors’ minds. Imagine doors leading to sudden drops, stairs that abruptly hit ceilings, and a cabinet that extends through 30 rooms in the house. Though no one knows why Winchester designed her home this way, many believe she thought she was haunted by the spirits of those killed by Winchester rifles, and that a psychic urged her to build nonstop. Whatever you choose to believe, Winchester Mystery House is a must-visit in San Jose!




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