Where to Fish in Houston

You don’t even need to leave the city

If you didn’t know, there’s lots of family-friendly, well-stocked fishing spots in Houston. And here’s three of the best.

McGovern Lake

Tucked away in Hermann Park near the Museum District, McGovern Lake is pristine and well-maintained by park regulators. The 8-acre lake brims with bluegill and bass, but the catch? You must be under the age of 12 or over 65 to fish here.

Mary Jo Peckham Park Pond

This 5-acre pond is especially good for families who want to spend time together. Fish are rotated twice a year (trout in the winter, catfish in the summer) to encourage year round visitors, and there’s picnic tables if you want to bring a meal.

Tom Bass Regional Park

This is considered the go-to spot for even the most serious anglers. Expect to catch large mouth bass, rainbow trout, and catfish in the three ponds. But if fishing isn’t your speed, there’s other fun ways to spend the day, including golfing and jogging.


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