More Than Just Your Average Wine Festival

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the Virginia Wine Expo is back in town March 8th–11th with way, way more than just wine on the menu. But let’s start there, shall we?

In addition to the local talent—Viogniers and Vidal Blancs, Chards and Pinot Noirs—about a third of the Expo’s floor will be devoted to International Guest Region wines, coming this year from Sonoma, Spain, and Portugal. (One note for those hoping to stock up their cellars: In addition to selling wines by the glass, most of the Virginia wineries will be selling bottles that you can take home with you. The Guest Region wineries, though, are limited to pouring tastes, for educational purposes, don’t you know… this is the Virginia Wine Expo, after all.)

Back to the not-strictly-wine options: These include a Burger Blast with craft beers, a Noodle & Dumpling Affair (mm-mmm), Smoked (the rather brilliant combination of whiskies and smoked foods), and a California tapas rooftop party. 


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