Vail Village’s Best Drinks

Where to find the best coffee, beer, and spirits

Vail Village is a charming community that has a magical, fairytale feel, thanks to its cobblestone streets and European alpine-inspired architecture. There’s no shortage of quality places to grab a drink, but to start your day off on a strong, buzzy, caffeinated note, beeline to Yeti’s Grind. The cozy, woody cafe features Colorado beans in all of their carefully-crafted coffees. Established in 2014, Vail Brewing Company turns out refreshing, hand-crafted brews, but if the popular Hot Mess Blonde (an American Blonde Ale style beer) is on tap, be sure to order a pint. As Vail’s first craft distillery, 10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirit Company turns out exceptional, award-winning spirits made with local ingredients. Their bourbon is their flagship product, and is equal parts warm and sweet with plenty of vanilla, oak, and honey notes.




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