Why you need to visit TOPO Organic Distillery

Organic foods are sweeping the country, but have you heard about organic spirits? That’s exactly what the friendly folks behind TOPO Distillery in Chapel Hill are all about. Below, three reasons why you need to pay a visit next time you’re in the area.

Award Winning
Legendary spirits writer F. Paul Pacult has awarded TOPO’s Piedmont Gin and vodka with five stars and glowing reviews. On top of that, TOPO was the only North Carolina-based recipient of The Good Food Awards.

Cutting Edge
“We are a cutting edge, grain-to-glass distillery, explains Esteban McMahan, a “spirit guide” at TOPO. “As North Carolina’s first locally sourced and USDA Certified Organic distillery, we are Green Plus certified. And, all of our packaging is recycled cardboard!”

Be sure to book a distillery tour, because not only are they informative, they’re really fun. And they’re always led by either an owner or distiller. After sharing the company’s mission, the guide will walk you through the entire distillation and bottling process, and then have you sample their spirits. Afterwards, you can purchase a bottle, if you’d like to take a souvenir home.




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