Tempe’s Top Tacos

In Tempe, it’s more than easy to find your favorite savory fillings tucked inside a hearty corn or flour tortilla every day of the week. So here, three spots you can’t miss when visiting the sunny destination.

Casa Reynoso 
Open since 1984, this local mainstay might be more famous for its fruity strawberry margaritas. But don’t overlook the shredded beef tacos here. Piled high into crunchy shells, and topped with melty cheese and cool lettuce, each bite satisfyingly provides varying textures, temperatures, and flavors.

Santa Madre Taco Shop

Don’t be thrown off by this shop’s humble appearance. (It’s located in a strip mall, and doesn’t offer much by way of decor.) Because it’s all about the super fresh and affordable tacos, which you can load up to your heart’s content at to the salsa and condiment bar. And if you’re really looking for a bargain, don’t miss Taco Tuesdays.

Maskadores Taco Shop

The setting of this lively eatery is colorful and quirky, as evidenced by the punchy paintings of Mexican wrestlers and marks on the walls. While everything here is lip-smacking good, it’s the best-selling street tacos you have to try. Stuffed with your favorite protein (think pork, spicy chicken, and barbacoa beef), it’s more than easy to make a hearty meal of just a few.


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