Tempe’s Best Frozen Treats

Sweet ways to cool off in the desert town

Since Tempe maintains sunny, warm temperatures all year long, keeping cool in the desert heat is a priority. Whether you’re craving a fruity Italian ice or old-fashioned ice cream sundae, here are the best spots in Tempe to score a sweet frozen treat.

Sparky’s Old Town Creamery

Despite it’s location in the more touristy part of town, it remains a quaint, classic charm. In addition to scooping small-batch ice cream – there’s 22 unique flavors, like Don’t Toucha My Coconuts and Funny Farm – there’s non-dairy offerings (think sorbet, smoothies, and Hawaiian shave ice).

Joe’s Italian Ice

This retro-inspired, roadside spot is whimsically decorated with cherry red seating and vintage knick knacks. And fittingly, the menu is just as fun. The Italian ices come in whimsical flavors, including Bada Bing Cherry and Poison Apple, while the soft serve – it’s shipped fresh from a Pennsylvania dairy – is deeply creamy and rich. Can’t choose between the two? Then have both with a signature “Joe Latti,” your choice of Italian ice topped with soft serve.


Ice cream sandwiches are the name of the game here. Simple pick your favorite flavor of cookies and ice cream, and let the friendly staff build a delicious indulgent treat for you in front of your eyes. Then take it to go, for a leisurely stroll down Mill Avenue.


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