Putting on the Spritz

It’s about drinking lighter this summer!

The cocktail trend of the spritz, a simple mix of liquor and something bubbly, makes good sense. During the dog days of summer, they’re cooling and refreshing. Plus, their lower alcohol content makes them a lighter sipper, and a nice alternative to booze-heavy cocktails. Manor Vail Lodge’s Black & Blue Spritzer features blackberry vodka and a blackberry garnish. At Paradise Point Resort & Spa in San Diego, the Summer’s Rose Spritz uses a housemate honey lavender syrup to elegantly sweeten the drink. The Hibiscus Royale from Stowe Mountain Lodge’s “Garden To Glass” menu, features fresh muddled mint and hibiscus syrup for freshness and a beautiful rosy color. The St. Germain Cocktail from Motif Seattle uses both sparkling water and sparking wine for an extra effervescent effect.


Stowe, VT
Seattle, WA


The Lodge at Spruce Peak Motif Seattle


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