Seattle’s Best Brunches

Where to brunch in the Emerald City

Brunching is serious business in Seattle. Here are three spots that locals will get up early – even on the weekends – for.


Famed chef Edouardo Jordan draws from his diverse background – he’s cut his culinary shops at Per Se – to create an original, globe-trotting menu. From a hearty heirloom bean stew to a decadent croissant sandwich with headcheese and duck liver mousse, there’s plenty of diners of all types to tuck into.


At this colorful Capitol Hill eatery, weekend diners will be rewarded with dim sum style treats, like pork spare ribs and crispy vegetarian rolls. Need something heartier? Get the best-selling crispy drunken chicken: a glorious mashup of sweet, salty, crunchy, and soft,


Dining at famed chef Maria Hines’ Wallingford restaurant feels like eating in someone’s charming home. The service is cheerful, and the dining room is cozy and floods with natural light. Not to be missed are the addictive mini duck burgers, topped with house-made ketchup, mustard, and red onion jam.




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