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The holidays are over and normal life has ensued. If you're like us, transitioning back into the day-to-day grind isn't as easy as it sounds, which is why we commissioned our spa teams to put together their top tips for detoxing the mind and body after the holidays.

Detox Tips from Monique, Rachel, and Laura at The Spa at The Inverness in Denver CO
  • Lemon has a lot of cleansing and detoxing benefits that can  be added to cold or hot water. Whether you suck on one when you feel a cold coming on or apply over the skin for astringent purposes. 
  • Another detoxifying suggestion is a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and 5 drops of gluten free agave or low glycemic sweetener or tablespoon of honey with a dash of cayenne pepper in a 6-8oz glass of water to detoxify and help lose weight.
  • Peppermint is excellent for detox and for colds or headaches, Fennel is great for menstrual cramps, Sandalwood is excellent for general peacefulness.
  • Seaweed and sea salt bath.  Nothing draws toxins from within like a true seaweed bath.  Full of minerals such as iodine, calcium, zinc and copper as well as antioxidants such as vitamin C. Eat light the day of your soak.  Avoid caffeine, alcohol, sugar, dairy and red meat.  Drink 16 ounces of water before and after you bathe and give yourself a 20-minute resting and sweating period after.  A few drops of lemongrass or lavender essential for aromatherapy.
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Detox Tips from Gwenna Eckert at Still Spa (Woodmark Hotel) in Kirkland, WA
  • First and foremost, hydration is key to any detox. The water is what eliminates the toxins from your system. Whether you spice the water up with some lemon and ginger, tea, or just go with plain H20, make sure you get those fluids!
  • Try a Mt. Rainier Stone Revival Massage | 60 min $160 | 90 min $190 | The deeply heated stones vaporize the essential oils, of rosemary, ginger, cypress and geranium, creating a relaxing and grounding effect, while increasing circulation and loosening your muscles and joints. Includes a back scrub with Jindilli. Ending with a gentle face massage using cool stones.
  • Make it a point to be early. Not only will this save you stress, it will allow you to rest your mind. We recommend coming to Still Spa early to spend 20 minutes in the dry hot sauna before any treatment. With relaxation & detoxification benefits, it's a win-win.
  • Prepare to be pampered with a Sugar & Shea Body Scrub | 45 min $100 | Your skin is nourished by a sugar exfoliation leaving it silky soft and then it is drenched in a deeply hydrating shea butter cream - can we just say yum? Add this on to your massage to perfectly indulge yourself.
  • Sweat it out! Just like in the sauna, pure exercise can help you remove toxins from your body. Get moving - walk, run, bike, you name it. Just make sure to drink enough water, and breathe deep.
  • Take care of yourself with a Lavender & Sage Body Wrap | 60 min $160 | 90 min $185 | A potent blend of pain-relieving arnica, relaxing lavender, healing sage and detoxifying mud is used for this deep therapeutic treatment. Your therapist will target areas of pain or tension beginning with steaming hot towels to relax the entire body. Warm detoxifying clay will be applied to key points including back, inside of arms and legs. While wrapped, receive a focused neck and shoulder massage with a concentrated arnica salve.
  • Try a digital detox. Unplug from social media, or even just your favorite TV show that's keeping you on the couch. Unwind with a book, or go outside. See if you feel a difference in your focus & your mood.
  • Take time to find out what works for you, and savor the moment. Allow yourself to feel a sense of renewal. Breathe...Indulge...Be Still... And have a rejuvenating start to 2016. 
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