Three Sandwiches Shops You Can’t Miss in Charleston, SC

Because everything tastes better between two slices of bread

Sandwiches will forever be a culinary staple for their ability to satisfy quickly and affordably. Below, three delicious places to eat when visiting Charleston, SC.

Boxcar Betty’s Boxcar Sandwich
The fried chicken sandwiches are nothing short of glorious and gut-busting here. The best seller stars a deep-fried, all-natural, and antibiotic free chicken breast, which is then topped with pimiento cheese, peach slaw, pickles, and spicy mayo. Even better? This hearty and original creation will only set you back seven dollars.

Bon Banh Mi’s Banh Mi
Don’t be fooled by appearances, because this humble shop on Spring Street shop doles out seriously fresh Vietnamese sandwiches. Simply pick your filling – you can’t go wrong with the classic housemade pate and vietnamese ham – then watch your sandwich get loaded with cucumber, pickled carrot and daikon radish, cilantro, and mayonnaise.

Hominy Grill’s Charleston Nasty Biscuit
Sandwiches don’t get any more southern than this filling creation with a cheeky name. It features a fried chicken breast, melty cheddar, and a generous slathering of sausage gravy. Forget about eating with your hands – this is really a fork and knife affair – unless you want to look, well, nasty. 






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