It’s National Rum Month

Celebrate with this fun and fruity punch recipe

To celebrate National Rum Month, we asked one of our favorite bartenders, Caitlin Hula – she’s the incredibly talented beverage manager at Cliff House Maine – to share one one of her favorite rum cocktail recipes. This is for one of the bar’s new signature drinks, called The Punch. “I choose this version of a rum punch because it’s sweet, fruity, and tastes amazing,” says Hula. “The pink guava adds a little extra kick, and cuts some of the sweetness from the pineapple juice. It’s a great rum punch to be enjoyed year round.”

The Punch


2 oz coconut rum

.75 oz pink guava puree

.5 oz pineapple juice

.5 oz cranberry juice


Shake and serve over ice in a hurricane glass.


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