National Pizza Month

A handy guide to some of the country’s best pies

If there’s one food that everyone can agree on, it’s pizza. The combination of crust, sauce, cheese, and toppings (just imagine the possibilities) pleases budgets, appetites, and occasions of all types. Because October is officially National Pizza Month, here are some terrific spots across the country where you can treat yourself to pie perfection. At Terranea Resort’s Catalina Kitchen, all the dough is hand-stretched and baked in a stone oven for a crispy finish. But it’s the Brussels Sprout Carbonara that you shouldn’t miss. Rich and indulgent, it’s finished with guanciale, carbonara cream, fresh mozzarella, and roasted brussels sprouts. SweetFire Kitchen at La Cantera Resort & Spa believes in starting the morning off on a hearty note, as evidenced by its popular Egg & Bacon Pizza, a wood-fired pie topped with smoky bacon, parmesan, fresh basil, and a fried egg. Lansdowne Resort and Spa’s Pub 46 enlists a local and seasonal approach for the Loudon Farm Flatbread, which is rotated weekly based on the freshest ingredients available. And at Paradise Point Resort & Spa’s Tidal, the best-selling Hawaiian Sun Rise Flatbread features unexpected ingredients (like smoked pineapple, house made spam, and shiso pesto) to help transport you to a sunnier, happier place.



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Celebrate National Margarita Day!