Checking In With Lead Bartender Jonathan Alvarez

Craft beers are growing in popularity in Miami

We recently caught up with Biscayne Tavern’s lead bartender to learn about what he loves most about his job, how he gets inspired to create new drinks, and trends he sees on the horizon.

What do you love most about your job, and working where at Biscayne Tavern?
I am a people person, so meeting new people from all over the world is a huge perk for me.

How do you get inspired to come up with new creations?
It could be something I see somewhere else, or a person, or anything that catches my eye.

What are your bar’s best sellers, and why do you think they’re so popular?
Craft beers are very popular, along with tropical cocktails.

What drinking trends do you see, based on what your customers are ordering and requesting?
I’ve seen the craft beer scene grow a lot here in South Florida.

Miami’s a fun city. How do you like spend your downtime? 
I like to check out local places, and enjoy my downtime with my family whenever I have the chance.


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