Why You Need To Try Mezcal This Summer

The smoky Mexican spirit is heating up cocktails across the country

Like tequila, mezcal is distilled and made with Mexican agave plants. But what’s where the similarities end, as mezcal’s flavor is unmistakably smoky, earthy, and bold. While it’s terrific on its own and over an ice cube or two, it also shines as a cocktail mixer – especially because a long bit goes a long way. No wonder mezcal has been soaring in popularity as of late. If you’re interested in sampling the smoky spirit, below are four cocktails worth checking out.

The Black & White at Tidal at Paradise Point Resort & Spa (San Diego, CA)
This sipper touts some surprising health benefits, thanks for the addition of coconut charcoal powder. Reportedly, the ingredient helps detox the bloodstream and settle an upset stomach.

Hot Tracer at Nelson’s at Terranea Resort (Rancho Palos Verdes, CA)
Heat seekers will flip for this spicy concoction, which credits its heat to Ancho Reyes Ancho Chile Liqueur, another Mexican spirit that’s trending. But don’t worry, the burn is just bracing enough, and not overpowering in the least.

Mexican Punch at Primero Cantina at La Cantera Resort & Spa (San Antonio, TX)
The presentation of this tiki-inspired concoction is impressive – it’s served up in a cognac class, and finished with a flaming lime – but the spirited blend of mezcal, coconut cream, and two fruit juices is what will have you ordering another.

Sea Smoke at Cliff House Maine (Cape Neddick, ME)
Inspired by the natural phenomena of fog that occurs when cold air drifts over warm water, this cocktail features mezcal which is infused in-house with pineapple and ginger. Agave syrup and freshly-squeezed lime juice balances everything out with a touch of sweet and sour.



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