Maui’s Top Coffee Shops

Where to get buzzed on the tropical island

Here’s a fun fact: Hawaii is the only state that grows coffee. It should come as no surprise, then, that Maui is home to a bevy of quality spots to get your buzz on. Opened in 2011, Paia Bay Coffee boasts a lush outdoor area. It’s where you’ll find a hip mix of locals (like surfers and artists) sipping on expertly-crafted espresso drinks. For over 35 years, Maui Coffee Roasters has been roasting its beans in-house and featuring them in all its beverages, including the best-selling cold brew coffee. The space is colorful and art-filled, lending it a casual, friendly vibe. At MauiGrown Coffee, education is just as important as the drinking experience. Enjoy a self-guided tour of the 500-acre coffee estate, before sampling local beans and discovering why they’re so special.



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