Enjoy a Bird’s Eye View of Maui

Book a Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Tour for unparalleled views of Maui

You already know how breathtaking the island of Maui is, with its rocky reefs, lush landscapes and wondrous waterfalls. But why not enjoy at all this natural beauty from a bird’s eye view? Because that’s exactly what the rides at Blue Hawaiian Helicopters in Maui offer. Six tours are available, and if you can, book the Maui Spectacular. During your personally guided sky-high excursion, you’ll get to see the world’s tallest sea cliffs, then land at an exclusive site at Ulupalakua Ranch, on the slopes of Haleakala. In just ninety minutes, you’ll experience Maui in a way very few people can. When you’re back on the ground, unwind at Destination Residences Hawaii.


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