Local Snacks You Can’t Miss In Maui

Don’t miss these delicious island snacks 

Banana Bread
Locals claim you haven’t really had banana bread until you’ve tried one from the island. And the reason is simple. The fruit is abundant in Maui, meaning that locals have had plenty of opportunities to refine their recipes to perfection. And where to find the best is as hotly debated as where to find the best pizza in New York.

You can’t find a more delicious way to beat the island heat than this original, colorful frozen concoction. A cross between ice cream and sorbet, it’s usually made with a blend of fruit juice, citrus soda, and condensed milk. 

These pillowy handheld snacks might have its roots in Chinese dim sum, but on the island it’s taken on a life of its own. Typically baked or steamed, they’re stuffed with savory fillings ranging from Chinese-style barbecued pork to Indian beef curry.




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