A Guide To New Orleans’ Best Snowballs

Where to try this unique summertime treat

This time of year, New Orleans can get especially sultry with the heat and humidity. So to keep cool, locals turn to a unique treat called snowballs. Usually presented in a paper cone, they’re made by smothering freshly shaved ice with colorful, flavored syrups. Here, a handy guide on where to find some of the best versions in the Big Easy.

Hansen’s Sno-Bliz

Opened in 1939 by Ernest and Mary Hansen and arguably the city’s most famous – it’s even been recognized by the James Beard Foundation – this iconic stand is still managed by the Hansen family. Though there’s a ton of syrups to pick from, we recommend the Cream of Nectar, a unique blend of tangy and creamy flavors.

Plum Street Snoballs

Discreetly tucked way on Plum Street, this casual spot with vintage vibes has been turning out some of the city’s most refreshing summer treats since 1945. While they offer some really fun flavors (like Hawaiian Punch, Popeye, and Red Hot), the best part is getting your Snowball in a Chinese food container, which helps prevents drips and messes!

Ike’s Snowballs

Situated across from Delgado College in Mid-City, this family-friendly spot has plenty of patio seating. But what makes this spot a standout is its original dog-friendly creations. Ike’s will whip up meat-flavored snowballs, so your furry friend can also stay cool in the heat!


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