Why Café du Monde Remains New Orleans’ Most Iconic Spot

The simple, sweet dining menu continues to lure in tourists and locals alike to the French Quarter.

Located smack in the middle of New Orleans’ bustling French Quarter, Café du Monde has been pleasing both locals and tourists alike since 1862. The vibe of our French Quarter restaurant in New Orleans is a throwback to simpler times, with its forest green and white striped awning, servers clad in bow ties and paper hats, and cozy stone top tables flanked by pea green vinyl chairs. Fittingly, the menu is sweet and simple, too, with only three items: beignets, café au lait, and orange juice. The beignets are square-shaped pieces of dough that are fried until they’re piping hot, and finished with a generous amount of powdered sugar. The house café au lait is a unique blend of hot steamed milk and coffee laced with chicory, resulting in a superbly smooth and creamy brew. If it’s your first visit to Café du Monde, indulge in even more tradition by blowing some sugar off your beignets and making a wish. If you need extra time to explore the French Quarter, make your reservation now at Royal St. Charles Hotel.


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