Kid-Friendly Activities in Washington, D.C.

Three local attractions your little ones will love

Our nation’s capital is home to a bevy of kid-friendly museums and attractions for the whole family to enjoy. Here are three things to do while visiting in Washington D.C.

National Museum of Natural History
At this popular Smithsonian museum, kids get the chance to get up close and personal with a range of jaw-dropping artifacts, like a giant prehistoric white shark, 80-foot dinosaur skeleton, and the 45-and-a-half carat Hope Diamond.

Smithsonian’s National Zoo
Children will delight in seeing over 400 different species of animals at this famed zoo, where admission is complimentary. Amongst the most popular animals are the giant pandas, Komodo dragons, and orangutans.

International Spy Museum
While children of all ages are welcome here, the museum is best suited for ages seven and up. The KidSpy Zone is an especially popular attraction, as it offers a variety of interactive games, while teaching kids how talk like a spy.



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