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Craft Beers to Try When You Travel

There’s no better way to immerse yourself in your travels than experiencing the flavors of the city or region. Here are our top picks for local craft beer pairings across the country. 

Where: San Diego, California 

Craft Beer: Societe Brewing Company, Available at Paradise Point Resort & Spa 

Why we love this craft beer: Societe Brewing Company’s The Pupil, an IPA, and The Debutante, a Belgian ale, can both be found at Paradise Point. San Diego Brewery Societe was founded by brewers from Russian River Brewing and The Bruery, two California-based breweries. Paradise’s own Todd Shepard, Director of Operations – F&B, tells us that the first time he tried The Pupil, he experienced his “San Diego beer epiphany”. As they say, the rest is history! 

Suggested Pairings: What’s more classic than a burger and a beer? Pair Societe Brewing Company’s The Pupil IPA with Barefoot Bar & Grill’s Ausem Burger and enjoy sautéed mushrooms, bacon, smoked mozzarella, crispy onions and barbeque sauce on an onion roll. Or, get in the Fall spirit by pairing The Debutante with Tidal’s Coriander-apple Cider Glazed Pork Cheeks – perfectly garnished with smoked apple-shallot puree, creamed kale sprouts and pickled apple. Check out Societe Brewing Company for more information and visit Barefoot Bar & Grill or Tidal to view Fall menu offerings.

Where: Richmond, Virginia

Craft Beer: Hardywood Park Singel, available at Maple & Pine Restaurant

Why we love this craft beer: Virginia is home to more than 100 craft breweries, with the Richmond metropolitan area accounting for nearly a quarter of that number. Hardywood Park Craft Brewery’s flagship beer, the Singel is one of Quirk Hotel’s most popular beers. Craft beer lovers have often heard of and tried the Dubbel and Tripel styles, and indeed the Singel shares the same Belgian monastic heritage as it’s more robust cousins. From the fanciest dining spots around town to the neighborhood bars in our historic Fan district, this beer is ubiquitous. This is a complex beer that doesn’t come off pretentious. Reminiscent of but not entirely similar to a Belgian White Ale, it has what wheat beer lovers crave, being highly aromatic with tropical fruit notes and just a touch of zest from the hops. What really makes this beer a home run is that it is still quite dry and refreshing, perfect for a hot Sunday afternoon in Virginia.  

Suggested Pairing: This beer pairs excellently with our Braised Oxtail Eggroll with Shitake Mushrooms and Dandelion Greens. The rich quality of the oxtail proves to be a great counterpoint to the refreshing nature of the beer. Check out Hardywood Park Craft Brewery for more information, and visit Quirk Hotel to view Fall Menu offerings. 

Where: Vail, Colorado

Craft Beer: Fat Tire by New Belgium Brewing Company, available at Atwater on Gore Creek at Vail Cascade Resort

Why we love this craft beer: With its toasty, biscuit-like malt flavor and hoppy freshness, Fat Tire is a well-balanced brew that’s perfect for unwinding after a day on the mountain. 

Suggested pairing: It pairs perfectly with our 7x Sirloin Grilled Cheese, with fontina, Alouette, American, arugula, and tomato on Texas toast. Check out New Belgium Fat Tire and check out our other craft beer offerings to complete your dining experience at Atwater on Gore Creek!   

Where: Santa Fe, New Mexico

Craft Beer: Bosque Lager, brewed in Albuquerque, New Mexico and available at Inn and Spa at the Loretto in the Living Room Lounge

Why we love this craft beer: Bosque’s interpretation of what a light-bodied lager should be, this offering quenches thirsty palates without sacrificing depth and character. Balanced medium hop and malt profiles are present in the aroma and flavor and the eye is drawn to its straw colored, glass-like clarity. The cool crisp lager tames the spice from the red Chile on the nachos, while not overbearing lighter dishes like the fish tacos.

Suggested Pairings
New Mexico Short Rib Nachos
Chilean Seabass Fish Tacos 

Check out Bosque Brewing Company for more information, and visit Inn and Spa at the Loretto to view Fall menu offerings.

Where: Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Craft Beer: Copperline Amber Ale

Why we love this craft beer: This brilliant red ale, brewed with caramel and pale malts is a best seller at the Carolina Brewery. Using traditional brewing methods, the ale yeast provides a touch of fruit and works in tandem with the malt to make for a very drinkable ale. Kent Golding hops lend just enough bitterness and aroma to round out the flavor.

Suggested Pairings: Any of our signature oven roasted pizzas would be a delightful pairing for this local Amber Ale Check out Carolina Brewery, a locally owned brewery that has drawn international attention for its handcrafted beers. Founded in Chapel Hill in 1995, Carolina Brewery is the fifth oldest brewery in North Carolina and is served at Rizzo Conference Center’s UNC Themed Sports Bar

Where: San Antonio, Texas

Craft Beer: Alamo German Pale Ale, available at La Cantera Hill Country Resort 

Why we love this craft beer: Alamo Beer Co. was originally founded in 1884 as Lone Star Brewing Company. The company closed during the Prohibition of 1918. While many brewing companies returned following Prohibition, Lone Star Brewing remained dormant. In the 1990s local beer lover, Eugene Simor, brought back the company with selection of locally made brews. In 1994, Eugene secured the ALAMO trademark and in 2003 the company began brewing the now beloved golden ale.

Suggested Pairings: Our chef recommends pairing this delicious beer with our Torte de Maiz, a flavorful dish including roasted corn, layered with house-made chorizo, jack and Texas goat cheese for the perfect marriage of a San Antonio dish and beverage. Check out Alamo Beer Co. for more information, and visit Primero Cantina to view Fall menu offerings. 



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