Checking In With Chef Roshni Gurnani

Chef Roshni Gurnani is bringing exciting new flavors to Houston

We recently had the pleasure of catching up with the newly-appointed chef at Hotel Derek’s Revolve Kitchen + Bar, Roshni Gurnani, to discover her cooking philosophy, her favorite menu items, and which ingredients she looks cooking with most.

What do you love most about your job, and working where you do?
I love everything about being a chef. Being able to have the freedom to create my menu top to bottom. I also really love the culture and vibe here at Hotel Derek. It is great to work for a boutique hotel that is different and edgy.

How would you describe your cooking philosophy?
I love looking from scratch. My approach to cooking both at work and home, is with the heart.  I have a lot of passion for food and cooking. Being in Houston, the climate here allows me to source locally most of the year.

What are some of the menu items you’re most proud of, and why?
Some of my favorite dishes are the “Tamarind Agave braised Ribs with smoke jalapeno mash” and the “Indi-Tex Lamb burger.”  All our meats are butchered in-house, and our dressings and sauces are all homemade – this is something I am very proud of. A major city hotel our size being able to butcher in-house is a great thing other hotels in the area are not doing.

What are your favorite ingredients to cook with?
Being of Indian background, I love cooking with spices.

What culinary trends do you see, based on what your customers are ordering and requesting?
Our customers are definitely enjoying the locally sourced and scratch made menu. They are appreciating the fact that we are taking the time to be true to the product and respecting the food. The upscale twist on Texas cuisine is really a big hit.

Houston’s a fun town. How do you like spend your downtime?
Exploring local “mom and pop” restaurants with my family and friends. Houston is a melting pot of cultures that has so much to offer, especially through food.



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