Don’t Miss These Phoenix Distilleries

The local spirit scene is booming

Arizona Distilling Company

This award-winning Tempe-based company, founded by Jon Eagan and Jason Grossmiller in 2013, is credited with kicking off the local distillery trend. The company features a diverse array of spirits, including several whiskeys, a vodka, a tequila, and a gin.

O.H.S.O. Brewery + Distillery

While the O.H.S.O. first established itself as as craft brewery, it expanded into the world of fine spirits in 2016, and never looked back. Although it produces a rum, whiskey, and gin, it’s the unique flavored vodkas (like horseradish, coffee, and Meyer lemon) you shouldn’t miss.

CaskWerks Distilling Co.

This distillery has especially hip roots, as it was co-founded by Jimmy Eat World’s bassist Rick Burch. But beyond its cool credentials, it turns out a portfolio of fine spirits, like gin, vodka, and most interestingly – a very drinkable, but not too sweet apple pie liquor.


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