The Best Kind of Souvenirs: Edible!

The most recent in a trio of artisanal food halls to open in the city, the Denver Central Market arrived in the River North neighborhood this past September, and it now houses 11 purveyors—among them a produce and salad stall, coffee bar, fishmonger, butcher, bakery, wood-fired pizza place, chicken rotisserie, and chocolate maker—in the gorgeous, high-ceilinged brick H. H. Tammen Curio Company building, which dates back to 1928. The original occupant of the structure, Harry Heye Tammen, made his fortune in the novelty trade, creating the kind of kitschy souvenirs—Yellowstone postcards and state-fair silver spoons and elk-horn hat racks and minerals-of-the-Rockies inkstands—that once blanketed the West…kind of the way that high-end food vendors are taking over now. Though, considering the Ham Hocker sandwich that Culture Meat & Cheese sells, and the Kale Yeah! salad at Green Seed, who’s complaining?


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