Checking In With Head Chef Steven Sterritt

The chef enlists a less-is-more approach in the kitchen

We checked in with Head Chef Steven Sterritt from Aspen’s Artisan Restaurant to get the scoop on what he loves most about working at Destination Residences Snowmass, what he’s excited about cooking this summer, and his favorite ingredients to work with.

How long have you been cooking, and what led you to Artisan?
I’ve been cooking professionally for over 17 years, and a Certified Chef de Cuisine through the ACF (American Culinary Federation). I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to establish myself as an Executive Chef in Colorado, while working for a great company!

What do you love about working at Artisan?
The variety of special events I get to take part in seasonally, such as Food & Wine in Aspen or JAS Fest in Snowmass.  It allows me to stay current with culinary trends, and gives me the ability to showcase my culinary talents within the community.

How would you describe your cooking approach and style?
Fresh, local, and sustainable. I let the food speak for itself by minimizing the amount of components that take away from the star of the dish. If it’s of good quality, then you don’t need much more than salt and pepper – and perhaps a few good cooking techniques! 

Could you call out a couple of your favorite summer menu items?
Elk carpaccio is local to our region, a great source of protein, the our preparing it is just delicious. It’s the best time of the year for The Heirloom Tomato and Baby Mozzarella Panzanella Salad. The tomatoes are ripe, the cheese is fresh, and I put a whimsical play on the traditional bread salad – which by the way, doesn’t have much bread at all.

What are your favorite local ingredients to work with, and why?
Local honey. Locally foraged Mushrooms. Coffee produced in the area. Local farmers and their dairy products. Why? To support local farmers & businesses!




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