Checking In With Bar Manager Rachel Sargent

She believes gin is about to make a comeback.

We checked in with Rachel Sargent, Quirk Hotel’s bar manager, to learn why she loves working in Richmond, how she gets inspired to create new cocktails, and trends she sees on the horizon.

How long have you been working with Quirk Hotel?
Since the opening, where I helped create the original cocktail menu.

What do you love most about your job, and working where you do?
We have one of the most beautiful and dynamic rooftop bars in Richmond, VA, and we have a lot of encouragement to be progressive in our programing.

Could you describe your philosophy on cocktails?
Balance of flavors is always at the forefront. We also have the advantage of being surrounded by wonderful locally made spirits.

How do you get inspired to come up with new creations?
Our Chef works within Virginia’s micro seasons, and seeing the high level of food that comes out of our kitchen is definitely the driving force at work.

What are your bar’s best sellers, and why do you think they’re so popular?
Our guests seem to gravitate to cocktails that pair with our food. Silver Queen, with its combination of bourbon, lemon, and fennel pollen, is a favorite. High Tea, with our custom Earl Grey infused Belle Isle Moonshine, is also a signature for us.

What cocktail trends do you see, based on what your customers are ordering and requesting?
There is a back to basics approach. The quality of the spirits is at a high level, so it is important not to over complicate something that already has a complex profile. I think gin will have a moment, for sure.

How do you like spend your downtime in Richmond outside the cocktail bar?
We all work very hard at what we do, so it is not uncommon to get together with each other outside of work and go visit a brewery or distillery or two…or three.


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