Checking In With Jazmyne Wade

This bartender prefers to keep Embassy Row Hotel’s cocktail bar in D.C. fresh but surprising

We recently had the pleasure of catching up with Jazmyne Wade, a bartender at Embassy Row Hotel. Below, she shares her approach to cocktails, how she finds inspiration to create new ones, and how she spends her downtime outside the cocktail bar in Washington, D.C.

What do you love most about your job, and working where you do?
I love meeting interesting people from all over, participating in various fun events hosted at our hotel, and working alongside people whose company I really enjoy.

Could you describe your approach to cocktails?
I like to use fresh ingredients whenever possible, and be mindful of the craft by adding an element of surprise. My favorite cocktails are essentially classics with a fun twist.

How do you get inspired to come up with new creations?
I get inspired by food, scents, and the season. I’m also inspired by the setting; be it a new restaurant menu, a celebration, event, or theme.

DC’s a fun town. How do you like spend your downtime?
Exercising outdoors, attending networking events centered around food and beverage, fitness, and checking out craft cocktail bars.


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