The Vermont Restaurant With No Name

Want in on a delicious local secret?

From craft breweries to Ben and Jerry’s, the town of Burlington, Vermont is famous for its chill, foodie vibes. But the real hidden gem in the local culinary scene is a ten-minute walk from the iconic Church Street Marketplace. It’s a Burlington, VT restaurant that doesn’t have even a proper name. Locals in-the-know simply refer to it as “the Restaurant at ArtsRiot.”

ArtsRiot is a unique event space, restaurant, music venue, and neighborhood hangout all rolled into one. The restaurant menu is approachable, with Chef Lambertson focusing on dishes that people can identify with, and will want to eat over and over again. For instance: the 400 Burger is a crowd favorite, and happens to be based on the Big Mac. Be sure to book a room at Stowe Mountain Lodge, for when you’re ready to decompress after a long day of exploring & dining in Stowe, Vermont.




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