Big Day Redux

For brides-to-be and planning for the Big Day, we caught up with Amanda Pacheco, Event Sales Manager for Destination Hotels’ luxury San Antonio wedding resort, La Cantera Resort & Spa, for expert advice on everything from how to choose the ideal venue and color palette, to top tips and trends for an unforgettable wedding reception.

What’s the key to conceiving a color palette?
Choose a color that compliments your space. This doesn’t mean your space dictates your color palette. Just consider the existing elements you are working with. Also, make it personal. Theme and color selection have an emotional connection and it’s not always your favorite color or movie. The colors could be the school colors (where the couple met), and the theme doesn’t always have to mimic the subject matter entirely. Play with color and texture. Choose colors that complement one another, and throw in some fun sequin or taffeta element along with a metallic to give the palette some character.

Your top three tips on choosing a venue?
Choose a venue that you are comfortable in and go with your gut. If something feels off, it will end up a point of contention later on. For example, if you envision a private, secluded ceremony location, don’t look at a venue with public access. Also, think about logistics. Imagine you are the guest and get a feel for how the events will flow from arrival, to cocktail hour, and reception.

Trends you’re seeing now?
Station-style receptions. I am seeing a shift from formal, seated dinners to an increase in station-style meals that are more casual and relaxed. Also, couples are opting out of the typical photo booth and hiring unique vendors like cigar rolling and gelato carts. 



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